How Much Does an AA Battery Weigh?

Antonio M. Rosario/Tetra Images/Getty Images

The weight of an AA battery ranges between 19 and 29 grams, depending on its type. Although most AA batteries feature the same volume, a carbon-zinc battery is significantly lighter than a nickel-cadmium one.

The lightest type of AA battery is the carbon-zinc battery, which weighs only 19 grams. In contrast, an alkaline battery of the same size weighs 24 grams, and a nickel-cadmium one weighs 29 grams. A lithium-ion battery weighs 24 grams, just like an alkaline one. A rechargeable nickel-metal hydride battery, usually called a NiMH battery, weighs 26 grams. Although they have the same cell size, these types of batteries also present differences in terms of energy storage. As some batteries contain heavy metals, they are considered hazardous waste.