How Do Marine Biologists Use Math in Their Work?

Marine biologists use trigonometry and algebra to establish measurements. They also use math for measurement equivalents, as they frequently need to convert between standard and metric units of measurement.

Because math is the essential language of science, marine biologists use math to solve a number of complex problems in their line of work. These problems require the need for the biologists to collect and analyze data in a variety of forms. Marine biologists use the data to make theoretical models and predictions, and that information is sometimes used to establish policy changes. Sometimes marine biologists have tasks that require solutions to be prepared at a number of different concentrations, and solving those problems requires the skill of balancing equations and algebra.

Anyone studying marine biology in college is required to take a number of different math courses, such as algebra and trigonometry, which are helpful in establishing measurement. Some colleges require the successful completion of algebra, trigonometry and possibly elementary analysis or precalculus before enrollment in a calculus course. Calculus helps with data analysis and mathematical modeling. Some colleges require those studying marine biology to take at least one statistics course. Marine biologists utilize statistics to test hypotheses and mathematical models.