How Many Pints Are There in One Gallon?

Matt Cardy/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Eight pints are equal to 1 gallon. Pints and gallons are both U.S. customary units of volume derived from the imperial system of measurement. This system is used primarily in the United States and is utilized in most recipes there.

Since 1 pint contains 96 teaspoons and 32 tablespoons, 1 gallon contains 768 teaspoons and 256 tablespoons. One pint equals 16 fluid ounces, and 1 gallon equals 128 fluid ounces. One pint equals 2 cups, so 1 gallon equals 16 cups. Two pints make up 1 quart, and 4 quarts make up 1 gallon. One U.S. gallon is equal to 3.79 liters.