How Many Grams Does a Quarter Weigh?

Kevin Dooley/CC-BY 2.0

A United States quarter-dollar coin, minted in 1964 or later, weighs 5.670 grams, or 0.200 ounces. The weight of the quarter has varied somewhat since the date of its first issuing, in 1796.

The earliest quarters, designed according to the specifications of the Mint Act of 1792, weighed 6.74 grams or 0.24 ounces These coins were issued from 1796 until 1838. The coins that followed them were redesigned to have higher silver content, and varied in their weight between 6.68 and 6.22 grams, or 0.23 and 0.22 ounces. Quarters minted between 1892 and 1964 weigh 6.25 grams or 0.22 ounces, and have a variety of different designs as well as varying metal compositions.