How Many Football Fields Are in a Mile?

Picture Courtesy: [Pexels/Pixabay]

Football fields are used for football games on many different levels, including high school, college and professional. The size of the fields is the same at each of these levels. Players in the United States have been playing the game on football fields since 1892. 

What Are the Measurements of a Football Field?

When the game of football is played the length of the field is referred to in yards. The total yardage of a regulation field is 120 yards. This yardage consists of 100 yards of playing field and an end zone on each of the field that measures 10 yards. When this is converted to feet, the length is 300 feet. 

The width of a football field is 53 1/3 yards. When converted to feet, the width measures 160 feet. Although the width is the same for high school, college and professional levels, the distance between the hash marks on the playing field varies. At the high school level the hash marks are set at 53 feet, 4 inches, for college they are 40 feet apart. In the National Football League (NFL), the hash marks are set 18 feet, 6 inches apart.

How Far Is a Mile?

The Romans originally measured a mile as 5,000 Roman feet, and they called it “mille passus” that, when translated, means a “thousand paces.” There is a much simpler way we measure a mile in the modern day. In the U.S., the mile is most commonly measured in feet, and amounts to 5,280 feet. When converted to the metric system, the mile is 1.609 kilometers. 

How Many Football Fields Are in a Mile?

If you were to take several American football fields and place them lengthwise, end to end, it would take 17.6 of them to measure a mile. This measurement is considering only the playing length of the football field, which is 100 yards or 300 feet. A football field used in the Canadian Football League is 110 yards, and it would take 16 of these fields, end to end, to measure a mile in distance. 

Other Measurements in the Game of Football

In each of the end zones of a football field, there is a goalpost. The goalposts in a professional football league are 30 feet high and 20 feet wide. The goalposts are used for football teams to score extra points after a touchdown and field goals. A player does this by kicking the football through the uprights of the goal posts.

The football used during gameplay is the same size in high school, college, and professional leagues, but is smaller in youth leagues. High school, college, and NFL players use a football that is 11 inches long and 7 inches wide and has a diameter of 21 inches. 

The Distance a Football Player Runs

During an NFL football game, the average player is estimated to run 1.25 miles. That would equal about 22 football fields. The players that run the most distance during a game are cornerbacks and wide receivers. Although the regulation play of an NFL football game is 60 minutes, a regular player averages about 11 minutes of play time during a game.