How Many Atoms Are in Al2(SO4)3?

The chemical compound aluminum sulfate consists of two aluminum atoms, three sulfur atoms and 12 oxygen atoms. The number of atoms for each element in the formula are calculated by looking at the subscripts and the coefficient on the polyatomic anion (SO4). By performing the necessary multiplications, the calculation is given as Al atoms =2 x1, S atoms = 3 x1 and O atoms = 3 x 4.

Aluminum sulfate has a molecular weight of 342.15 grams per mole. This chemical compound is a white and odorless crystalline solid. Its boiling point is 214 degrees Fahrenheit, and the density is 2.71 grams per cubic centimeter. This compound is soluble in water. Some uses of aluminum sulfate are for water purification purposes and the fabrication of paper.