How Do You Make Visible Psi Balls?

To make a visible psi ball, you must first learn to feel energy and program your psi ball. After you master techniques of creating psi balls, you can attempt to make them visible by flaring.

  1. Practice detecting energy from a plant

    Observe a plant under a bright light until you see blue-green lights flash up the stem and outward on the leaves.

  2. Find a comfortable position in a quiet place

    Inhale and exhale for a few deep breaths. Cup your hands with palms facing each other. Raise your arms chest level or higher.

  3. Visualize an energy source

    Breath in through your nose, and exhale through your mouth. Visualize energy coming from the sun, earth or whichever energy source you choose entering your body and exhaling out to your relaxed cupped hands.

  4. Direct and program the energy into a ball

    Feel the energy pulling your palms towards one another like a magnetic attraction. Visualize a ball of energy forming between your hands. Use your palms to condense the energy into a dense ball. Program the energy into a ball shape.

  5. Flare your psi ball

    Practice energy manipulating techniques until you are able to generate psi balls. Then program the psi ball to flare by visualizing bright light. You may never develop the advanced ability to program psi balls to flare. After years of practice, you are likely to see colors of the psi ball’s aura.