What Is on a List of Things Made of Iron?

Steel is one of the main items on a list of things made of iron.Steel is made of approximately 98 percent iron, according to Minerals Education Coalition. Other items that are made of or contain iron are magnets, auto parts, some plastics and metallurgy products.

Most iron that is mined in the United States is used to make steel, explains Minerals Education Coalition. By itself, iron is not a hard substance. In order to harden and strengthen it to be used in construction and other purposes, it is combined with various elements, such as chromium, nickel, manganese and vanadium. Iron fortified in this way is used in many construction projects, including the making of bridges, automobiles, train tracks and trucks. Iron is commonly found in four different forms: powdered iron, iron blue, black iron oxide and radioactive iron. Powdered iron is used auto parts and magnets while iron blue is commonly found in paints, cosmetics, paper dyeing and the enamel finishes of appliances and industrial machines. Black iron oxide can be found in pigments, magnetic inks, metallurgy and in electronics-industry ferrites. The medical industry uses radioactive iron, also known as iron 59, in metallurgical and biochemical research as tracer elements.