How Large Is a 1:32 Scale?

A 1:32 scale means that the reproduction is 1/32nd of the size of the actual object. For example, a 24-foot long object using the 1:32 scale would be modeled using a 9-inch long replica.

A scale is defined as the proportion of a reduced copy of an object to its actual size. In maps, scales are classified into three types: verbal, bar and representative fraction, otherwise known as natural scale. The 1:32, or 1/32, scale is an example of a representative fraction.

The 1:32 scale is used in modeling automobiles or toys. In die-cast toys, the 1:32 scale is preferred over the 1:16 scale because it is less expensive. In die-cast automobiles, aside from the 1:32 scale, other modeling scales include 1:12, 1:18, 1:24 and 1:64.