How Do You Keep Hawks Out of the Yard?

There are two effective ways of keeping hawks out of the yard: build a scarecrow or increase human actitivy on the premesis. Hawks can be a dangerous problem for livestock, fowl and small pets.

Several species of hawks are dangerous and aggressive. One of the most effective ways to keep small animals safe from these raptors is by building a life-size scarecrow and displaying it in an area that often contains small animals. Scarecrows, if built large enough, are not only an effective way to keep the hawks away, but a humane method as well.

Another way to keep hawks away from property is by increasing the amount of human activity in the area. Hawks generally don’t bother prey larger than they are, so they tend to leave people alone.

It is important to remember that hawks and owls are protected species and harming, capturing or killing one can bring about severe penalties.