What Are Some Insects That Start With the Letter “E”?

Insects whose names start with the letter “E” include the Eastern Hercules beetle, the Eastern-tailed blue butterfly, the European earwig, the Eastern-eyed clock beetle and the emerald ash borer.

Other insects whose scientific names begin with “E” are the ectypia clio, or the clio moth; efferia aestuans, or the robber fly; eleodes armata, or the desert-skunk beetle; ellychnia californica, or the Western firefly; and euphilotes battoides allyni, or the el segundo blue butterfly. Other species include epeolus compactus, or the cuckoo bee; ephydra cinerea, or the shore fly; eumenes megaera, or the potter wasp; and the sphinx moths that belong to the eumorpha, enpinanga, enyo, euchloron, eupanacra and other genera.