What Do Insects Eat?

Insects eat a variety of foods that include plants, nectar, seeds and grass. Ants and cockroaches are known to feed on human food and drinks, such as soda, cookie crumbs, crackers and milk. Termites feed on wood, and mosquitoes feed on blood.

In warmer climates, many home and building owners experience infestations of both ants and cockroaches. These insects enter homes and buildings through tiny cracks and holes in their foundations and are typically searching for water and food. Cockroaches and ants multiply quickly, and it can be quite difficult to remove them without the help of a professional exterminator.

According to an estimate made by scientist Erik J. Van Nieukerken, there are approximately 1,017,018 species of insects in the world. The largest insect known to man is the South American longhorn beetle. It is approximately 25 centimeters in length.

While it is a common belief that all insects are referred to as “bugs,” there is a difference between the two terms. True bugs have a straw shaped mouth called a stylet. The stylet is used to puncture plant stems and flowers to easily suck out the juice and nectar. True bug species include stink bugs, potato bugs, boxelder bugs and milkweed bugs.