Why Is It Important to Go Green?

It is important to go green because the Earth has limited natural resources, which have to stretch to support all life on the planet. Going green can also have beneficial health and economic side effects.

One of the biggest reasons to go green is that the Earth contains a fixed amount of resources. The choices people make have an impact on the entire planet. Polluted air and water affects every other living thing. For example, carbon emissions in one part of the world can contribute to global warming around the world. Many important resources are not renewable, which means that they can run out if they are overused.

Going green can also have positive effects on personal health. Many cosmetic products are toxic for the environment, and some of those toxins can be absorbed through the skin. Eating a diet of sustainable, locally produced foods helps cut back on processed food, which involve more transportation and packaging than fresh food and is less healthful.

Going green can have economic benefits for communities, businesses and households. Purchasing local foods and products helps contribute to the local economy. Switching to greener alternatives can also save money because using fewer resources reduces utility costs.

On a business level, going green can help improve an organization’s reputation. Green business practices also reduce the risk of running into regulatory problems that may arise as governments adapt to environmental challenges.