What Is the Importance of Botany?

Peter Macdiarmid/Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

Botany is important primarily because it is the scientific study of plants, which are in turn used in many aspects of human life. Botanists study plants of all kinds and apply their knowledge of characteristics and traits of crops, plants and flowers to influence the fields of medicine, science and cosmetics among others. Plants support basic daily functions of human life by providing food and nutrition, supplementing medicines and cosmetic products and serving as important ingredients in a variety of medicines.

Botany affects most aspects of life in many different ways. Products such as food, medicine, wood, fabrics, alcohol and rubber are all derived from plants; botany has enabled these technologies and many more. Botany is key to the development of biofuels, such as biomass and methane gas, which are alternatives to fossil fuels. This science is also essential to economic productivity because it includes a study of crops and ideal growing techniques to help farmers increase production and make their practices more efficient. Botany is also important in the area of environmental protection. Botanists document the various types of plants existing on Earth and can sound warnings when populations begin to decline. Botanists may influence the studies of other academic disciplines, such as life science, science communication, ecology, and evolutionary biology.