How Do Hurricanes Affect Humans?

Hurricanes may affect human beings in a number of ways including causing deaths, causing injury, loss of property, outbreak of diseases, mental trauma and destroying livelihoods. Hurricanes are some of the most devastating natural disasters on the planet.

Hurricanes normally involve very powerful winds and water which end up causing massive destruction. Below are some details pertaining to the effects of hurricanes on human beings.

  • Trauma – When human beings experience devastation such as is caused by hurricanes, they tend to feel traumatized. Young children are especially affected and may need counseling to start the healing process.
  • Property destruction – Hurricanes tend to destroy countless buildings leading to huge losses for owners. It also takes quite a lot of time to rebuild a region affected by this disaster.
  • Outbreak of diseases – It is quite common to witness outbreak of diseases when hurricanes have been experienced. This is because water sanitation and supply is compromised while health facilities may also be destroyed.
  • Deaths – Several deaths are normally recorded after hurricanes hit areas that have human population. It is also common to have countless number of people being injured.
  • Loss of livelihoods – After the destruction, many people end up losing jobs since their workplaces are destroyed. This could lead to further complications as they have to depend on others for aid.