What Is the Function of the Lentiform Nucleus?

The function of the lentiform nucleus involved in maintaining the muscular tone of the body and assisting in controlling movement, mainly of the limbs of the human body. In addition is it involved in making find precision movements by reducing any extraneous or unwanted movements.

The lentiform nucleus is formed by a cluster of neuron bodies deep within the brain. It is composed of two distinct structures: the globus pallidus and the putamen. The lentiform nucleus is part of a larger unit known as the basal ganglia. The putamen is thought to have an additional role in memory formation, more specifically, muscle memory. When you are learning to ride a bike you are using your putamen. The globus pallidus serves to help make fine movements and inhibit abnormal movements. Damage to this structure can cause involuntary limb shaking like that in Parkinson’s patients.