What Is a Frog’s Scientific Name?

Chris Luczkow/CC-BY-2.0

Examples of scientific names for frogs include Pseudacris triseriata for the chorus frog, Pseudacris clarkii for the spotted chorus frog and Atelopus zeteki for the Panamanian golden frog. The common scientific order for all frogs is Anura; the order has three subcategories: Neobatrachia, Archaeobatrachia and Mesobatrachia.

The original ancestor of frogs is known as Vieraella herbsti; this species lived in the Early Jurassic period. The largest frog has the scientific name Conraua goliath. It lives in the African continent for up to 21 years and can grow up to 13 inches. Frogs breathe through their skin and lungs, and each species has its distinct mating call to attract the right mate.