What Is the Freezing Point of Mercury?

Michael Phillips/E+/Getty Images

Mercury has a freezing point of -38.8 degrees Celsius. This is also its melting point. This is the same as 234.3 Kelvin and -37.9 degrees Fahrenheit.

According to Jefferson Labs, mercury’s melting and freezing point is -38.8 degrees Celsius; this is far lower than that of water. Its boiling point is 356.7 degrees Celsius, 629.9 Kelvin or 674.1 degrees Fahrenheit, far higher than water. At room temperature, mercury is a liquid. Mercury has an atomic number of 80 on the periodic table and has an atomic weight of 200.59. Mercury has seven different stable isotopes. The chemical symbol of mercury, Hg, comes from the Greek word “hydrargyrum,” meaning “liquid silver.”