What Is the Freezing Point of Iron?

The freezing point of iron, which is the same as its melting point, is 2800 degrees Fahrenheit. Iron has a boiling point of 5182 degrees Fahrenheit. Iron is a metal that belongs to group 8 on the periodic table.

An iron atom is made up of 26 electrons, 26 protons and 30 neutrons. Iron’s atomic weight is 55.84 grams per mole. Some properties of this element are that it does rust, but it is an important material that can be alloyed with carbon to make steel.

Iron is highly abundant on Earth, where it is found in its core and crust. Iron is mainly found in minerals like magnetite, siderite and hematite. Once iron is extracted from these minerals, it can have many applications in different industries. When alloyed with carbon, steel is one of its alloys that is useful for the construction of building and bridges.