Which Flower Blooms for One Day?

David Q. Cavagnaro/Photolibrary/Getty Images

The tropical hibiscus and hibiscus flowers feature one-day blooms followed by death. The Virginia spiderwort and daylilies are two other types of plants that also present blooms lasting only one day.

The tropical hibiscus plant is a flowering shrub or tree. It is a warm-climate plant that does not thrive in colder conditions. While the bloom of this flower only lasts for one day, it produces enough buds for a new flower to bloom each day throughout the season. Hibiscus flowers tend to start appearing in late July or early August. A typical hibiscus plant produces more than 100 blooms in one season.

The Virginia spiderwort is a perennial plant that grows wild primarily in the eastern United States. This is a shrub that thrives in the shade of other trees. Its branches produce clusters of small purple flowers that open in the morning and are wilted by the time the sun sets in the evening. Daylilies are also perennials. They are easy to care for, and they spread wildly. The large flowers on this plant take turns opening up. There is always a new flower to be displayed on this plant, even during the hottest part of the summer.