What Does a Fire Need to Burn?


For a fire to burn, it needs oxygen, fuel and heat. Without these three components, a fire cannot begin or continue to burn.

The oxygen that is needed for the fire is used to help keep the heat and to help keep the fire burning. Without oxygen, the fuel will not be fed to the heat and the fire will not be able to continue to burn. When oxygen is taken away, the fire completely extinguishes.

Fuel for a fire can be anything from paper and wood to petroleum. The right fuel for a particular fire is dependent on what the fire is going to be used for. Wood, charcoal and natural items are great fuels for a cooking fire because they will not release harmful chemicals. Fire that is being used for warmth should have a high-burning fuel that enables the fire to burn for longer.

The heat that is needed for a fire must be strong enough to create a spark that will then ignite the fuel. The heat should be very strong. Heat generally comes from a previous fire, such as flame that comes from a match or lighter. Heat can also be created by rubbing two wooden pieces together in a specific way, although this way takes much longer to accomplish.