What Factors Affect the Temperature?

David Trood/Stone/Getty Images

The factors that affect the temperature in an area are the latitude, height above sea level, distance from the sea, ocean currents and prevailing winds. These things work together to determine the climate of a location.

The farther a place is from the equator, the colder the temperature is. Locations close to the equator have warmer temperatures than those far away from the equator.

Places with higher elevations above sea level have colder temperatures than places at sea level.

Ocean currents affect the temperature of towns located near the water. They can bring warm or cold air depending on the current.

Areas close to the sea or ocean tend to have warmer winters and cooler summers than an area at the same latitude but away from the sea. Oceans cool down and heat up at a slower rate than land, causing coastal areas to behave in the same manner.

Prevailing winds bring warm or cold air that changes a place’s temperature.