What Factors Affect Plant Growth?

Some of the factors affecting plant growth include availability of nutrients, water, temperature, light, air pollution, gases and plant genetics. These issues can either enable a plant to develop rapidly or much slower.

Plants are an essential component of the environment, and without them, life would not exist. Below are some details of the factors that may affect the development of plants.

  • Nutrients – these include things like potassium, calcium and sulfur. All plants need such nutrients in order to grow. Scarcity of these or other vital nutrients may lead to stunted growth
  • Gases – plants normally breath in carbon dioxide and use it in making food. They release oxygen as a by-product of the process that enables healthy balance of the air in the environment. Scarcity of these gases can greatly hinder plant growth as they would be unable to manufacture their food
  • Water – plants use water for a variety of reasons including transportation of vital nutrients throughout the plant system. Low levels of water in a region will result in slower development
  • Light – plants use sunlight during photosynthesis, which is basically the process of making food. Little amount amounts of sunlight can result in slower growth of plants since photosynthesis may not be effective