What Are Examples of Bioengineering?

Examples of bioengineering include biomedical electronics, cellular engineering and medical imaging. Bioengineering has a wide range of applications in biomechanics, which is the study of the mechanics of the body, and clinical engineering. Products developed by bioengineers include prosthetic limbs and devices for administering medication in hospitals.

Bioengineering has contributed greatly to the field of biomedical electronics. Engineers, together with medical staff, have developed a range of electronic devices to make caring for patients easier. Examples include imaging systems, such as MRI and CT scans, and ICU equipment to care for severely ill patients.

Another example of bioengineering is prosthetic limbs. Engineers use computers and conventional engineering methods to build artificial limbs and joints. These prosthetics are able to withstand high forces and can restore a certain amount of movement to the patient. Bioengineering has also allowed for the development of artificial organs. These range from common devices such as hearing aids to far more complex devices such as artificial hearts.

Other examples of bioengineering include devices to help athletes rehabilitate after an injury, blood pressure control systems and astronaut monitoring suits. Bioengineering is also used to develop suits for deep sea diving, where divers are subjected to high amounts of water pressure.