What Is the Economic Importance of Arthropods?

PBNJ Productions/Blend Images/Getty Images

Arthropods are a popular source of foods to humans and also have other ecological roles. Some common arthropods that are good sources of food are crustaceans such as crabs and prawns. The arthropod class of animals includes insects, which also have important ecological and economic roles.

Because crustaceans are a popular source of food in many parts of the world, many people depend on fishing for them and selling them in order to make an income. In fact, in some Asian countries, crustaceans are a staple in the diet.

Insects also play a huge role in most economies in the world. For instance, they are the main agents responsible for pollination. This is a process that is necessary in the growth of plants. The lack of pollinating insects would reduce food plant production, which would then reduce the world’s food stores.

Some insects are also involved in producing goods that are important in the economy. Examples of such goods include silk, honey and wax. These are just a few of the ways in which arthropods contribute to the economy in most parts of the world. It is evident that they are more important than many people give them credit for.