What Are the Different Kinds of Storms?

Types of storms include blizzards, hail storms, heavy rain storms, ice storms, lightning storms and thunderstorms. Each type of storm requires a certain level of preparation to keep people and animals safe and minimize damage to structures.

Blizzards are winter storms in which winds reach up to and beyond 24 miles per hour. Characteristics of this type of storm include low temperatures, poor visibility and ice. Hail storms are most common between May and October. They can be troublesome for farm crops. One major problem with storms that bring heavy rains is the risk of flooding. Ice storms consists of freezing rain that sticks to substances. A lightning storm occurs when air is electrically charged during a storm. Thunderstorms are characterized by torrential rains, strong winds, heavy rains and possibly tornadoes. They normally do not last for more than one hour, but there may be successive thunderstorms that lasts for several hours.

Regardless of the type of storm, several precautions help to improve safety for humans, pets, livestock and property during inclement weather. Some of these precautions include creating a storage space for food, keeping battery-powered lights and radios nearby to listen for weather warnings and advisories, and keeping an extra set of batteries on hand.