What Is the Density of Table Salt?

Maximilian Stock Ltd./Photolibrary/Getty Images

According to ChemicalDictionary.org, 2.16 g/cm3 is the density of table salt. Sodium chloride, also known as table salt or rock salt, is represented by the chemical formula NaCl.

Sodium chloride has a formula mass of 58.44, a melting point of 801 degrees Celsius and a boiling point of 1413 degrees Celsius. It is soluble in water at 360 g/L.

Sodium chloride is used in the manufacture of chemicals, such as sodium hydroxide, metallic sodium, chlorine, hydrogen chloride and soda ash. It is also present in ceramic glazes, mouthwashes, home water softeners, highway de-icing, herbicide, fire extinguishing, food seasonings, food preservatives, mineral waters and curing hides.