What Damage Do Blizzards Cause?


The weight of the fallen snow during a blizzard may collapse roofs or bring down trees, power lines or telephone lines. The snow also may result in dangerous driving and whiteout conditions, leading motorists to get into accidents or to become lost or stranded. Blizzards may bring extremely cold temperatures, which increase the risk of frostbite. Cold temperatures can also cause water pipes to freeze.

Blizzards generally cause blinding snow with near zero visibility, deep snow drifts and dangerously cold temperatures. When a blizzard occurs, it is important to be prepared. At home and in the workplace, the main concerns are shortage of supplies such as food and water and loss of heat, power or telephone service. Items such as flashlights, extra batteries, extra food and water, first aid supplies and an emergency heat source should be kept in an emergency kit. It is also important to keep a winter survival kit in the car. A few items this should contain include blankets or sleeping bags, flashlight, extra batteries, first aid kit, shovel, matches, food and a water container. If stranded in a vehicle during a blizzard, it is important to stay in the vehicle and make the vehicle visible to rescuers.