How Do You Convert KJ to KWh?

To convert kilojoules to kilowatt-hours, divide the number of kilojoules by 3,600. The result will be the same amount of energy in kilowatt-hours.

  1. Find the conversion value

    Kilojoules and kilowatt-hours are both units of energy. One kilowatt-hour is equal to 3,600,000 joules. One kilojoule is equal to 1000 joules, so there are 3,600 kilojoules in one kilowatt-hour. The conversion value for kilojoules to kilowatt-hours is 3,600.

  2. Divide by the conversion value

    To convert kilojoules to kilowatt hours, divide the number of kilojoules by 3,600. For example: 7200 kilojoules / 3,600 = 2.

  3. Label the answer

    The last step is to label the answer with the correct unit of energy. Continuing with the example, 7200 kilojoules equals 2 kilowatt-hours.