How Do You Convert Cc to Oz?

Hemme/Getty Images

Converting from cubic centimeters to ounces can feel intimidating at first, especially since you are dealing with a cubed number and then trying to convert it to a different unit of measurement. One cubic centimeter is equal to 1 milliliter. If you know that, then you can use the conversion factor of milliliter to ounce, where 1 milliliter is equal to .0338 ounces or 1 ounce is equal to 29.57 milliliters.

  1. Write the conversion equation

    As an example, try converting 7 milliliters (which is the same amount as 7 cubic centimeters) to ounces. Set up the problem as 7 milliliters x 1 ounce / 29.57 milliliters. Or, use the other conversion factor: 7 milliliters x .0338 ounces / 1 milliliter.

  2. Cancel common factors

    The common factors here are the corresponding units. They must be canceled out at this point to continue with the problem. In both examples, the milliliters are the common factor because they each appear on the inverse side of the fraction on opposite sides of the multiplication sign. After canceling, the expressions are 7 x 1 ounce / 29.57 or 7 x .0338 ounces. You do not need to use 1 as the denominator in the second example because the 1 is always implied.

  3. Solve the equation

    The final step is to simply do the math. Be sure to carry over the remaining unit, in this case ounces, to your answer. 7 x 1 ounce / 29.57 = .237 ounces. 7 x .0338 ounces = .237 ounces.