How Do You Convert 1 Watt Into RMS?

Seth Morabito/CC-BY-SA 2.0

When converting 1 watt into RMS, simply multiply 1 by 0.707. This would mean that 1 watt is equal to 0.707 RMS, 2 watts are equal to 1.414 RMS and so on and so forth. The value 0.707 is a constant figure and the only variable that you should change in conversion of watt to RMS is the value 1.

A watt is a unit of power described as one joule per second. It is used in the International System of units and was named after James Watt, who contributed to the development of the steam engine. RMS, or root mean square, is a tool or formula used in statistics and electrical engineering. In finding the root mean square, square all the numbers in the set, then find the arithmetic mean of the squares, and take the square root of the result. This is how you get the square root mean.

In this conversion, however, there are already set up conversion factors, and users no longer need to take these steps. Those who are still confused on how to convert a watt to RMS can read books or visit sites on the Internet that explain the concept between converting watt into root mean square.