What Are the Contributions of Johannes Kepler?

Some of the contributions of Johannes Kepler include explanation of planetary movement, invention of an improved version of the refracting telescope and authorship of a number of books. He is highly regarded as an astronomer, a mathematician and an astrologer because of the accomplishments he made.

Johannes Kepler is one of the most highly regarded individuals in astronomy and astrology. He wrote a number of books detailing various aspects of space and the objects that exist in it. Below are some of the most notable achievements of the man.

  • Planetary motion – he was the first man to accurately explain how planets move within their own axis and orbits. He is credited for being the founder of celestial mechanics and first natural laws
  • Invention of refracting telescope – Kepler invented an improved version of the refracting telescope, which is also known as the dioptric telescope. The refracting telescope design was traditionally used in spy glasses and astronomical telescopes
  • Other achievements – he was also the first to coin the word “satellite” and derive the year Jesus Christ was born. He wrote several other books detailing how the sun moves on its own axis, and he was the first to correctly explain that tides are generally caused by the moon