How Do You Conserve Natural Resources?

Holloway/Stone/Getty Images

The best way to conserve natural resources is to find ways to reduce dependency of natural resources in everyday life. Resources are products of the natural environment that humans use in some way or another. Oil, natural gas, water and coal are all natural resources that are used in energy and food production. Many of the most valuable natural resources are fossil fuels, which means that they do not replenish in a practical time frame.

To conserve natural resources, consider the resources that are within control. Natural gas is used in heating buildings and water. One could reduce natural gas consumption by limiting hot water use or keeping the temperature of their home cooler in the winter. Investing in a hybrid car is an economically beneficial and environmentally sound way to conserve oil and gas. Appliances use energy when they are plugged in, even when not in use. Be sure to unplug and power off all electronics when not in use. Replace old light bulbs with new energy-efficient light bulbs. By switching to reusable grocery bags instead of paper or plastic, forests are conserved in addition to the fuel conserved that would have been used in the manufacturing. Conservation is a lifestyle change that requires long-term commitment, but the efforts can be small yet still effective.