What Are Cone-Bearing Plants Called?

Cone-bearing plants are called conifers. Most conifers are easy to identify because the majority are trees that have needle-like evergreen leaves and bracted cones that contain seeds. However, some plants classified as conifers can be shrubs or have berry-like structures instead of cones, such as the juniper tree.

Conifers date back to approximately 290 million years. They belong to the taxonomic class called Pinophyta. There are over 600 species of conifers, and they are typically found in cool climates. Some various different types of conifers include pines, redwoods and yellow-woods. The giant sequoias are the largest redwoods trees, and they can be as tall as 110 meters. The oldest tree, which is 5,000 years old, is the bristlecone pine.