What Is the Compound Name for NaC2H3O2?

Sodium acetate is the compound that has the molecular formula NaC2H3O2. Sodium acetate has a molecular weight of 82.03 grams per mole, and its physical appearance is that of a white powder, which is also odorless.

Its density is 1.528 grams per milliliter, and it has a melting point of 324 degrees Celsius. It also is soluble in water. Sodium acetate has wide applications in different industries, such as the textile, food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetic industries. It has medical uses as a diuretic and expectorant. It is also a medication used intravenously.

To produce sodium acetate, the reactants acetic acid and sodium bicarbonate can be combined. The products of this reaction are sodium acetate, water and carbon dioxide.