What Does the Color Gray Symbolize?

The color gray symbolizes detachment, neutrality and indecision. While colors can have different meanings, the usual meaning of the color gray is to symbolize impartiality and a medium between two extremes.

According to the Empower-Yourself-With-Color-Psychology website, gray has its psychological roots in compromise. Between the two extremes of white and black, you find gray. As a result, it is often used as the symbol for something lying in the middle. Gray is perceived as emotionless, quiet and passive. It is the opposite of bright, noisy colors such as red or orange.

It also is calming and controlled. The color gray neutralizes colors, making soft colors stronger and bright colors softer. It has a somber tone to it, making it representative of loneliness, isolation and even depression. Some view the unemotional and apathetic nature of gray as a negative quality, but others see it as calm, wise and a happy medium between extremes.

Because of its impartial nature, many people are indifferent to gray. It conjures up images of conservatism, formality and even boredom. Though not an exciting color, it is safe and stable. Gray can also symbolize security, reliability, intelligence and modesty. Silver, a variation of gray, is used to symbolize calm, old age and wisdom.