What Color Goes With Peach?

Robertus Pudyanto / Stringer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Neutral whites and beiges, monochromatic orange shades, earthy warm colors, and blue contrasting colors all go with peach. The best color to pair with peach depends upon the effect one wishes to create with the color scheme.

Neutral colors such as cream, white and beige allow the peach color to stand out. They fade into the background, making the peach color the focal point of the color scheme. These colors avoid the problem of clashing with the peach shade.

Monochromatic colors come from the same color family as peach. These are varying shades of orange. The orange chosen can be muted, dark and rich, or bold, all of which blend with peach.

Earthy colors have a warm undertone that matches the undertones of the peach color. When paired with peach, they create a warm, intimate feel. Earthy colors can be either light or dark, again creating contrast or blending with the peach color depending upon the shade chosen.

Contrasting colors for peach include blue, which is opposite orange on the color wheel. Choosing a blue shade makes the peach color stand out and creates a sense of excitement. A muted shade of blue reduces the contrast and tones down the peach and blue scheme.