What Is Clay Soil?

Egmont Strigl/Getty Images

Clay soil is composed of tiny particles that are hard and able to become easily compacted. This compaction makes it difficult to plant or even shovel within the soil.

Clay soil can feel like a curse to gardeners and can be difficult to plant, shovel or till. When it is compacted, it is nearly impossible to break up using only physical strength. Different machinery may be able to provide a better option for tilling and shoveling the clay soil. When clay soil is wet, it can be especially difficult to work with because it tends to stick to the hands, machinery and other things. Clay soil has many crevices that can hold onto salts and can make plants unable to grow successfully.

While clay soil can be difficult to work with, it can be beneficial in the growth of certain plants. It is able to hold onto the roots of plants better and provide a more stable environment than many other types of soil. It’s density and crevices can be a bad thing for elements, such as salt, but the crevices also provide a place for nutrition to passively exist. It can hold nutrition in its thick wetness that will enable the plants to feed off of it.