What Is the Chemical Name for P4O6?

The chemical name for P4O6 is “tetraphosphorus hexoxide.” “Tetra” is a prefix that is used for naming four atoms of a formula’s nonmetal element.

P4O6 is a molecular formula. Its empirical formula is P2O3; tetraphosphorus hexoxide is also called “phosphorus trioxide.”

First discovered by Sage in 1777 A.D., phosphorus trioxide has a boiling point of 343.58 degrees Fahrenheit and a melting point of 74.84. It is a colorless solid of crystalline monoclinic form when pure and a waxy solid form when impure. Pure P4O6 is very toxic with a pungent acid odor. When exposed to oxygen or air, it oxidizes to form phosphorus pentoxide. Shaking phosphorus trioxide strongly in cold water causes it to hydrolyze to phosphorus acid.