What Is the Chemical Formula for Ammonium Phosphate?

SSPL via Getty Images/SSPL/Getty Images

The chemical formula for ammonium phosphate, also known as phosphoric acid, triammonium phosphate, or triammonium orthophosphate, is H12N3O4 or alternatively (NH4)3PO4. It is an inorganic salt.

Ammonium phosphate resembles either white tetrahedron crystals or white powder depending on how it is manufactured, and its mass is 42.9 percent oxygen. Because ammonium phosphate is so unstable, it is used mostly for experiments in the sciences and is rarely used for commercial purposes. However, a water soluble preparation of ammonium phosphate called ammonium phosphate dibasic is commonly used as an ingredient in plant fertilizers and as a yeast nutrient. It is also used in the preparation of multi-shell nanoparticles to increase transfection efficiency in cells.