Can I Keep a Spike Plant Alive Over Winter?

A dracaena spike plant can be kept alive over winter by transferring it to a pot, using peat-based soil, treating the plant with insecticidal soap and moving the plant indoors. Limit waterings and fertilize the plant only once a month during the winter.

In order to keep a dracaena spike plant alive over the winter, transplant it into a pot and move that pot indoors. Before transferring the plant, fill the pot halfway with well-drained potting soil, preferably a potting mix with a high peat content. Place the plant in the pot, and fill the rest of the space with the potting mix. Eliminate any possible insects or aphids that the plant is harboring by liberally spraying the foliage with an insecticidal soap, and then allow the plant to sit outside overnight.

Once the plant is insect-free, place it inside in a location that receives plenty of direct sunlight. Make sure to keep it away from doors or windows where there are drafts. Water the plant only when the top two inches of soil feel dry. Give the plant necessary humidity by misting it with water twice a week. Fertilize the plant only once a month with a diluted, water-soluble 3-1-2 fertilizer.