What Is the Boiling Point of Water in Kelvin?

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The boiling point of water is 373.15 degrees Kelvin (K). Using the Fahrenheit scale, water’s boiling point is 212 degrees. This is also equivalent to 100 degrees Celsius.

Named after the scientist Lord Kelvin, also known as William Thomson, the Kelvin temperature scale designates absolute zero as the hypothetical point where all molecular movements cease. Absolute zero is given as 0 degree Kelvin and is equivalent to -273.15 degrees Celsius or -459.7 degrees Fahrenheit.

To convert from Celsius to Kelvin temperature, the formula is C + 273.15 = K, where C represents temperature in degrees Celsius and K is degrees Kelvin. To find the melting point of ice with this conversion scale in degrees Kelvin, substitute the melting point of ice in degrees Celsius as 0 C into the formula to find that this becomes 273.15 degrees Kelvin.