Why Is Biochemistry Important?

Biochemistry, the study of the chemistry of living things, is a central science because it unites biology, environmental sciences, medicine and mathematics. Biochemistry is fundamental to human existence because it enhances the meeting of basic needs such as health, food, energy, clothing, shelter and clean water and air.

Technologies in biochemistry enrich human life because they provide novel solutions through the production of materials, generation of energy and health care and playing a role in almost every aspect of human life. Biochemistry is used to explain the composition of chemicals and the nature of chemical processes offering insight into biological and physical phenomena.

Biochemistry explains the behavior of atoms, molecules and ions that determine shapes, sizes and even how people feel. The knowledge of biochemistry is used to contribute to solutions for modern society such as developing new antibiotics, comparing the nutrient content of foods and determining the safety of drinking water. Biochemistry is used to understand metabolic processes and DNA molecules, contributing to the use gene therapy. Biomolecules, such as lipids are used as food additives. The knowledge of biochemistry is used to substitute biomolecules, as in the production of artificial sweeteners.

Biochemistry leads to a variety of career options allowing students to access employment opportunities as chemical oceanographers, environmental scientists, pharmaceutical sales persons, chemical engineers and chemical information specialists.