What Is the Average Height of a Telephone Pole?

Zia Soleil/The Image Bank/Getty Images

The average height of a telephone pole is 45 feet, which is class 3 and commonly used for distribution. The typical height of a secondary, or house current, telephone or utility pole is 40 feet and range from 45 to 65 feet for distribution primary circuits.

Poles for transmission circuits are 70 feet long but are rare since most transmission takes place on metal towers. According to the Environmental Literacy Council and the American Iron and Steel Institute, there were roughly 120 million telephone poles still in service within the United States as of 2005. Ten percent of each pole plus two feet is buried, which means a 45 foot telephone pole would be buried in a hole 6 feet, 6 inches deep. Distance between telephone poles averages about 200 feet but can be longer or shorter.