What Is the Application of Physics in Daily Life?

Physics has many real-life applications, and the principles of physics are at work any time someone drives a car, lifts something heavy or tries to stay warm in the winter.

Driving a car requires a basic understanding of the principles of physics, whether the driver is conscious of them or not. For instance, the balance of a car changes as the car accelerates, decelerates or turns. To keep the car on the road, the driver must anticipate these forces acting on the car and make adjustments.

Having an understanding of physics may also help an individual to lift something heavy. For example, by using a simple machine such as an inclined plane or a lever, an individual can make the load easier to lift. Physicists study simple machines extensively and use the lessons they learn to make increasingly efficient tools.

To stay warm in the winter, people up turn the heat up or use the principles of physics to understand how to make better use of the heat that is already in their homes. Heat flows via conductive, radiant and convective means; understanding the differences between the three forms will allow an individual to insulate a house better. For example, by using ceiling fans intelligently, someone can make the convective heat flow in a house work to their advantage.