How Do You Find an Answer Key for a Holt Biology Book?

Answer keys for Holt McDougal biology textbook questions are in the teacher’s edition of the textbook as well as online for teachers through the company’s website portal. If the test is made or altered by the teacher, the book or online materials may not have an accurate answer key.

As of 2015, Holt McDougal prints answers to all the questions in its textbooks, and it also offers extensive materials online through its book access portal. Access to these answers requires teacher or student login credentials, which are typically granted by school administrators or the publisher directly. For essay or paragraph answers, the book offers suggested or generic answers rather than exact responses. offers teacher editions of Holt biology books at a discount through individual sellers. The prices of these textbooks are typically less than new books from the publisher. However, these books are almost always used and may not be in good condition.

Privately owned websites such as offer answers and guides for Holt biology textbooks as well. These websites are not affiliated with the publisher, and as such, they may be inaccurate. Additionally, faculty and staff may consider this practice to be academically dishonest depending on how students use those resources.