What Animals Live in a Humid Continental Climate?

Animals that live in a humid continental climate or a warm summer climate include brown bears, gray wolves, wild boards, foxes and roe deer. The humid continental climate promotes the growth of deciduous forests, which in turn support squirrels, hares and deer.

Many of the animals found in humid continental climates are those that inhabit deciduous forests and woodlands. Among these are predators such as wolves, lynxes, foxes and bears. Some hoofed animals include deer, goats, bison and elk. There are rodents such as hares, squirrels, voles and shrews. Some of the fish commonly found in the lakes and rivers of a humid continental climate are flounder, salmon, eel, perch and sturgeon.

Gray wolves used to be much more common throughout the humid continental climates of the world. However, they have been almost completely eradicated from Western Europe and exist only in small numbers in Eastern Europe.

A humid continental climate is also referred to as a warm summer climate, which is characterized by cold winters and warm, wet summers. Temperatures range between 0 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter and 100 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer, though the average yearly temperatures are mild. Humid continental climates are found in the northern United States, Canada, Eastern Europe and Russia.