Which Animal’s Offspring Is Called a Kit?

USFWS Mountain-Prairie/CC-BY-2.0

Many different animals’ offspring are called kits, including the badger, ferret, fox, rabbit, skunk, squirrel and weasel. This term is different from “kid” and “kitten,” which are also used to describe baby animals.

Baby ferrets, skunks and weasels are called kits exclusively. A baby rabbit is sometimes called a kit, but it is also called a bunny or kitten. A fox’s offspring may be called a cub or pup. A badger’s offspring is also sometimes called a cub. A baby squirrel may be called a pup or kitten.

“Kit” is not to be confused with “kid,” which is a term for a baby goat. A baby goat is also sometimes called a billy. “Kitten” is another related term and is used to describe the offspring of many different animals, including cats.