What Animal Names Start With the Letter M?

A large number of animals have names that start with the letter M, including commonly known species such as the moose, mongoose, meerkat, mountain goat and mountain lion. More exotic animals include the Malayan tiger, the mourning collared dove and the Macaroni penguin.

Many animals with names that start with M live in the mountains or plains, including the wild mouflon sheep, the Mexican wolf, the Malabar squirrel and the marten. Some are rare or unusual, such as the Monite Iberia Eleuth, the smallest frog that has been found in the Northern hemisphere. Most humans never catch a glimpse of others, such as the mountain gorilla and the masked palm civet.

Some animals that start with the letter M live in the water: a prime example is the manatee. The manta ray, marine toad and marsh frog also have wet habitats. The Minke whale, the Molly fish and the Moray eel are other sea-dwelling creatures. In terms of birds, the mallard and the magpie are two common species.

A well-known animal that starts with the letter M is the monkey. Monkeys come in many varieties, including the bleeding heart, black spider, red howler and rhesus. The macaw also has multiple categorizations, such as the scarlet macaw and the green-winged macaw.