What Are Some Advantages of Chemistry?

Chemistry provides several key advantages to the public and the fields of medicine by allowing for basic needs to be met and allowing for the production of medicines. Chemistry, indirectly and directly, provides benefits for people around the world on a daily basis. It helps meet basic needs such as clothing, energy and shelter, and contributes to the improvement of air, water and soil quality.

Chemistry uses several complimentary disciplines as well, such as technology and mathematics, to carry out its functions. The combination of chemistry with technology, for instance, enhances quality of life by expanding knowledge of and access to various physical and biological resources. Chemistry is often referred to as a central science, as it combines practices and theories in the fields of physics, mathematics, biology and medicine. Some chemistry focuses on certain aspects, such as improving the quality of the environment or creating medicines designed to fight specific conditions, such as immune system disorders and certain types of cancer. Chemistry creates an expansive knowledge among researchers, scientists and those in the academic sector by introducing and exploring various chemicals and chemical processes. This knowledge is essential for the production of goods and services widely used in societies around the world, such as clothing and building materials.